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Performance Standards

Performance standards are designed to assure that all fire personnel are capable of completing the duties assigned to their respective position. All personnel should remember that while engaging in firefighting operations, the order and/or priority of some tasks may be changed by the company officer.

Top Engine Company Standards
  • Exposure Protection 
  • Wildland Mobile Attack 
  • Wildland Progressive Hose-lay
  • Structure Fire Interior Attack 
  • Residential Vertical Ventilation 
Top Engine Standards
  • Pumping an FDC 
  • Pumping Ground Monitor 
  • Pumping LDH Attack line
Top Firefighter Standards
  • Chainsaw Operation 
  • 14′ Roof Ladder
  • 24′ Ladder (Single Person) 
  • 24′ Ladder (2 Person)
  • Donning Structural PPE 
  • Search and Rescue (Residential) 
  • Blitz Line 
  • Donning Wildland PPE 
  • Fire Shelter Deployment
  • Make and Brake Hose Deployment
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan Placement
  • Pre-connects Deployment
  • Hydrant Connection
  • SCBA Evaluation 
  • Engine Company Seat Assignments