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Did you know…?

Did you know the Templeton Fire and Emergency Services is a paid call firefighter (PCF) department?

The Templeton Fire Department (TFD) has only three paid staff members, a Par-time Fire Chief, a full-time Training Coordinator and a Recruitment Coordinator. All the firefighters who respond to emergency calls are Paid Call Firefighter (PCF). The department has a 100+ year history of dedicated members who unselfishly answer their neighbors’ calls for help.

From the early days of a hand drawn cart, the TFD has evolved into a modern, sophisticated, skilled organization. Department personnel are trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) and each piece of apparatus maintains an automatic defibrillator. Although unpaid, the 25+ members of the TFD conform to the same technical and ethical standards as their career (paid) counterparts. Their satisfaction comes from helping their neighbors and giving back to the community a service in exchange for the pleasure of enjoying the quality of life that is truly unique in Templeton… they are truly “neighbors helping neighbors.”

Did you know your paid call firefighters responded to 780 calls in 2017?

For over 100 years the Templeton Paid Call Firefighters have been answering their neighbors’ calls for help, last year responding to 780 incidents involving fires, emergency medical and other emergency services, doubling the number of responses of just 12 years ago. The Department’s average response time from the time our firefighters receive the call to the first unit arriving is 5.5 minutes, which includes the firefighter’s travel time to the fire station and then responding from the fire station and arriving at the incident location.

Did you know your paid call firefighters do more than respond to calls?

Over the years the paid call firefighters felt both the need and desire to separate their philanthropic, social and fund raising activities from their training and emergency requirements. The result was the formation of the Templeton Firefighters Association (TFA). TFA supports many community and youth activities through fundraising events. The most notable fund raising effort is their annual 4th of July Pancake Breakfast. This has become an anticipated event for the community, last year serving more than 959 breakfasts in 3 hours.

Annually, paid call firefighters and their families participate in the American Cancer Association’s ‘Relay for Life’. The members also participate in the annual ‘Burn Relay” donating their time and money to aid those who have been injured as a result of fire. They have also “adopted” the Park & Ride parking lot on Las Tablas & Bennett Way; keeping it clean and well maintained.