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About US

About Templeton Fire and Emergency Services


Community Service & Protection

Our Mission Statement is based off three points that came from feedback provided by community members, department members, and committee members. During the review of this information it was determined that our mission is to serve our community through effective response, meaningful prevention, and community service. Community Service & Protection briefly but accurately captures these three areas of responsibility.

            The following is a recap of the discussion that was associated with these points:

Effective Response – It is our duty to provide effective emergency response to the situations we are called to mitigate. This is an expectation from both the community and our firefighters.

Meaningful Prevention – We would rather prevent an emergency then respond to an emergency. We are challenged with limited resources and time therefore our prevention activities must be meaningful. Every time we interact with the public we must do so in a way that focuses on prevention.

Community Service – Service is the core of who we are. We will respond to the needs of our community and will help in any way possible that is legal and safe. If we are unable to provide the needed services, we will do our best to find someone who can provide them.


Templeton Fire and Emergency Services will strive to serve their community with the best trained, professional, and community oriented firefighters possible. This will be accomplished through a dedicated group of active volunteers who create a family atmosphere as they prepare for the future.


TRUST– We strive to continuously earn the trust of each other and the citizens we serve.

RESPECT – We treat everyone with respect and dignity.

PRIDE – We are proud of the service we provide.

FAMILY – We take care of each other.

The formation of the Templeton Fire and Emergency Services was done not just out of the fear of a devastating fire occurring in the new town, but to also show the State, indeed the Country, that this new town of Templeton was equal to any modern town being developed west of the  Mississippi.


Since that first Monday night meeting on November 14, 1887, the Templeton Fire and Emergency Services (Templeton Hose Company #1) has had a long and proud tradition of providing the highest quality of service to the community of Templeton.  Throughout the years, the members of the Department have been unselfish in their dedication of volunteering their time and energies to provide emergency services to the community.  Today, the Fire Service has transformed into services that could not have been imagined in the early years; Emergency Medical Services, Hazmat, Urban Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, and many other disciplines.  The founding members of the Department could not have possibly visualized what they were establishing or what the Department would be like this many years later.Each member of the Department who has passed through the doors of the firehouse over the many years has played a significant role in the history of the department.  Each and every one of these members should be acknowledged for their contributions and sacrifices they have made, indeed continue to make, for the continued safety of the community.

TopInsurance Services Office

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has developed a rating system based on a scale of 1 to 10 to reflect a community’s ability to suppress fire. These ratings can have an effect on the insurance premiums for residential and commercial buildings. Typically, the lower the ISO rating is the better the insurance rates are. When the ISO determines what a community’s fire suppression capabilities are, they focus on three areas, the fire department, the water system, and dispatching services.

The assessment of the fire department focuses on personnel, apparatus, and water pumping capabilities. The assessment of the water system focuses on water main size, hydrant distribution, and hydrant maintenance. The assessment of dispatching services focuses on the number of dispatchers on duty and the systems they use to dispatch us. In 2009 Templeton Fire and Emergency Services went through an ISO Public Protection Classification Survey. After the survey, Templeton Community Services District was given an ISO rating of 5. If you would like specific information about our rating please feel free to call us at (805) 434-4911.