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2010 Firefighter of the Year

2010 Templeton Firefighter of the Year

Firefighter Brandon Wall has been selected by his peers as the 2010 Firefighter of The Year. Brandon has been a member of Templeton Fire Department since 2008. Throughout the year Brandon has stood out with his willingness to help out with extra duties, respond to a lot of calls, and participate in extra training.

Brandon was so excited about training that attended a two day auto extrication class in Sunnyvale learning how to rescue people who are trapped in vehicles after serious accidents. This type of training requires a lot physical and mental strength. Brandon also took a semester long course Command 1A course teaching him how what to do when his fire engine is the first to arrive at a fire.

Additionally, Brandon was an active member of the Strategic Planning Team which required him to attend and participate in a series of meetings that lasted several months. Participating in extra activities and training is very time consuming and takes time away from his family.

Brandon always has smile on his face and is constantly asking department officers what he can do better.  It is exactly this type of great attitude, motivation, and dedication that caused Brandon’s fellow Firefighters recognize him as the Firefighter of The Year. We expect to see great things out of him! If you run into Brandon tell him congratulations and thank you for everything he has done for his community.

Other awards presented at the dinner included: Captain Mike Erb a 28-year veteran of the Department was presented with a retirement plaque. Officers Tony Cappelluti and Tony Futch were sworn in as Captains for the Templeton Fire Department. Service awards; 20-year Captain Kurt Pennington and Captain Tom Peterson, 12-year retired Fire Chief Greg O’Sullivan, 10-year Officer Johnathan Gibson, 5-year Firefighters Kyle Coffman, and Marcus Smith. One-year service plaques were presented to Adam Miranda and Jeff Tomlinson. Firefighters Tony Broom, Brandon Wall and Officer Tony Futch were recognized for attending 100% of all training drills.

1st Annual Chief’s Company Award announced

Rod Hewitt, Fait Jewell, Jeff Tomlinson, Brandon Wall, Tony Futch and Tony Broom were presented with the Chief’s Company Award for their outstanding dedication to the Department throughout 2010.

“Rod, Faith, Tony B., Tony F., Brandon, and Jeff all responded to a high number of calls, drills, and willingly participated in many extra duties,” said Langborg who instituted the Chief’s Company Award. “These firefighters really stepped up to the plate and have helped to make TFD the great organization that it is.”