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Target Safety

Templeton Fire Department has begun to use a new training program from Target Safety to provide, monitor and document our personnel’s training. Each firefighter will have access through a secure entry point using a unique user name and password, select the image below to gain access to the site.

Target Safety

All PowerPoint’s, videos and documents can be revisited (reviewed) through the Target Safety Resource Center

Target Safety tips:

On your personal HOME page there are some useful tabs.

All Assignments – Assignments to be completed (Assignments are created by your Administrators).

History – Assignments that have been completed

Self Assign then select the plus icon + TargetSafety Courses – This will list all courses that are available for you to take on your own (self assign).

Resource Center – This lists all the TFD and TCSD files (power points, videos, SOP’s) that have been used in previous assignments. This will be helpful for review purposes.